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From: kaiser Sosay
Subject: F Street Peep ShowF Street Peep ShowBy Michael CurtisI remember my first time masturbating inside a peep
show booth. Back in the midwest town where I grew up,
there was no such thing as peep show booths. Yet there
I was, walking the streets of downtown San Diego, my
cock drooling and the need to jack off.I stepped inside and instantly smelled the
disinfectant. As I put my dollars in the token machine
I began to second guess if my arroused state was worth
being there...but I didn't third guess because my cock
put an end to that nonsense. I needed to see naked
people sucking and fucking and that was all there was
to it.So with my handful of tokens I looked for a suitable
booth like one looks for a nice quiet spot in a
library. I didn't want to be close to anyone wanking
and I didn't want them to be close to me. I ducked
inside a booth, drew the curtain and sat down on the
very small and uncomfortable seat.I could hear the sounds from movies playing in other
booths. I could hear footsteps and whispering and all
of it made me a little bit anxious. No matter. My cock
was hard and I preteen lolita paysites galleries dropped my tokens into the machine and
began pushing the buttons until something appealed to
me. All the while I realized that there was no way I
was going to continue sitting on that small seat so I
stood up and unzipped my jeans. I licked my palm and
brought it back down to my cock and slowly began
stroking.I could hear the sounds of my slick hand moving back
and forth on my cock and apparently so did someone
else. I noticed him out of the corner of my eye. Since
the booth is covered by only a curtain I had lolita bbs top 50 no idea
how long he was standing there since I was staring at
the beautiful woman taking a huge cock up her ass
while another woman was lapping at her pussy."Can I suck it, can young preteen female lolitas I suck it?" He whispered. His
voice sounded like that horrible character from The
Lord Of The Rings... I was annoyed by his intrusion
and told him to get lost. When I looked back at the
screen the scene had changed and it was definitely the
one I wanted to come with. Under my breath I cursed
the old man and started pressing the buttons, looking
for something hot. In my state it didn't take much and
I finished my business by shooting cum all over the
screen.After shaking and squeezing my cock clean I stuck it
back in my pants and buttoned my fly. As I walked out
of the back room I realized that there was no way I
could walk out onto the streets with a hard on so I
wandered over to the books and magazines. After a few
minutes, when the tightness in my jeans subsided I
walked out of the store.Time went passed and I would often think of that
experience. I would sometimes fantasize that the man
who drew back the curtain was attractive or charming.
I swore to myself the next time I was interrupted I
would offer up my cock for sucking.Well the next time came several months later. Despite
my fantasies, and my promise to myself, I was afraid
of getting busted by the store personnel or worse, the
police. But the allure of cheap porn and an intense
orgasm was to much to keep me away. I entered a
different store this time and walked to the back room,
painted black and lit only by the movies playing in
the booths. One thing I noticed was there were no
curtains, and the absence of that sent me back out to
the book section to reconsider going ahead with this.Like the first time, my cock was drooling. I could
feel the hot liquid pre-cum turning little lolita pussy cartoon cool on my thigh,
soaking into my jeans. I needed relief and there
really was no going back.I entered the booth and started a movie. The bench was
much larger and more comfortable than at the first
place I went. I opened up my pants, licked my palm and
pulled out my cock. With my left hand I stroked while
with my right I began pushing the buttons on the
screen. I found an appealing scene and settled into a
comfortable pace towards fulfillment.My attention was drawn to a shadow that appeared at
the entrance of the booth. It was a man, of course,
who was seemed short and diminutive. I looked up at
him, trying to see his face but the lighting was too
dim. He was looking down at my cock, standing erect
against my stomach, slick and shining in the light of
the video screen. Without a word he knelt down.
Without touching me with his hands I was in his mouth.
For a few moments he just held me there, then he stood
up and whispered, "Come on."I followed him out into the store. Even though I was
15 to 20 feet behind him I was sure everyone was
watching me. The guy with the tent in his Levi's
following the local cocksucker out the door for a blow
job. I didn't care once I was out little lolitas hairless pussy
of the store. That's
when I saw him in the light of day. He probably
weighed no more than 120 lbs. and stood about 5' 6".
Everything about him was discreet as he just assumed I
was on his trail. Where we were going I hadn't a clue.We turned the corner and walked up a block and entered
what I thought was an apartment building. I realized
that assumption was wrong when we entered his
'apartment'. It was a small room, like that in a
boarding house, already lit with candles. Obviously he
was expecting a quick return with a chosen 'guest'.We made small talk as he gazed at me in the candle
light. There was something about him that seemed a bit
desperate and it put me a bit on the defensive. I
asked him if he had a condom and he turned to his
dressor and acted as if he were searching for one. I
figured he knew damn well he didn't have one and I was
cursing myself for not carrying one. He turned back to
me and shrugged his shoulders, his eyes trying to read
how important safe sex was to me at the moment.I too shrugged my shoulders. I rationalized that it
was only a blow job so there was nothing to worry
about. He asked me to undress and I quickly did so. I
watched as he removed his clothes and tried to sneak a
peek at his cock but to no avail. I laid down on his
bed, and he sat between my legs. He gently took my
cock in his hands and whispered, "Relax".I watched him take it in his mouth. The feeling?
Incredible... The smoothness of his technique I can
describe only with the word 'delicious'. You know how
sometimes when you moan and it's really on purpose,
almost like a jockey whipping a horse? It's a moan to
inspire someone to keep doing what their doing? The
sounds I was making came without that sense of
purpose. They were drawn out of me as he performed the
most incredible blow job I have ever experienced.He nude underage lolita images came up for air and I was gasping..."Ssssssssssssssssssh", and scolded me with his eyes.
"You have to keep it quiet.""It's impossible to keep quiet", I told him. "You are
unbelievable."While gently stroking my balls he told me his story.
"I learned how to suck cock from black preteen nude lolitas a black prostitute in
New Orleans", he proudly stated. "She was a friend of
mine who used to let me watch her from the closet of
her bedroom. Sometimes the johns would even let me
suck them off. She would get them so hot they were
willing to do anything."My eyes had adjusted to the lighting of his room. I
could now make out what was a very small erect cock
between his legs. I wasn't sure what I would do if he
wanted me to reciprocate. I knew for sure I couldn't
duplicate his performance.Still sitting between my legs he began stroking my
cock. I noticed him inching closer and felt his cock
brush against my balls. He put his hands under my
thighs and coaxed my legs back, trying to position his
cock at the entrance to my ass. I felt it there,
pushing ever so slightly. It was clear that he felt
he'd charmed me into doing "anything.""No", I firmly whispered. "If you had a rubber lolita nude child photos I'd let
you. I'd love to.""Come on", he replied. All he heard from my refusal
was that I really didn't want to say no. I wanted it
and I could be convinced."Let me.""Sorry.", I answered, my hands on his shoulders
pushing him gently away. And with that he lowered his
head and began sucking my cock again. Aaaaaaah.Soon I found myself nearing climax, and I'm sure he
knew this as he kept his hand on my balls, taking my
orgasmic pulse."Don't come yet", he whispered. He deftly rolled to
the side and pulled me on top of him. He spread his
legs wide and showed me his ass. I allowed him to grab
my cock and he began rubbing it on his opening."Please!", he pleaded, looking at me with that
desperation I had sensed about him earlier.The head of my cock entered his ass. The urge to push
my cock all the way in was hard to resist but I
somehow came back to my senses."No. I can't do this." I pulled away and he quickly
repositioned himself in front of me.I thought that he might decide that since he wasn't
going to get what he wanted, I wasn't going to get
what I wanted. To my relief he bent back down and went
to work. And I mean to work. Whereas before he was
intent on charming my cock into his ass, or his cock
into mine, now he seemed focused on the finale of this
meeting.His mouth smothered the head of my cock while the
hands enveloped the shaft. They worked together so
well I felt as if my cock was in his throat. No pussy
even felt this good. My groaning returned as I felt
the inevitable coming with the force of wave crashing
on the rocks. Finally he allowed the wave to crash. My
cum shot through the candle light, arching through the
air and landing on the window nearby. The second burst
landed somewhere on the floor, the third on my chest
as he directed my cock towards me, all the while I
could hear, "Sssssssssssssssssssh"...When it was over I was almost laughing. I had lost
control of my body for those few moments but was
conscious of sound of the cum hitting the window and
his ridiculous pleas for quiet...I realized he mexican lolita girls nude
wanted me gone as soon as possible. He
wasn't going to get laid by me and there were probably
others out there on the streets below who would love
to fuck this very petite man.Epilogue:The usual feelings of guilt crept into my head. Ah,
but you don't care. The demon I wrestle with is the
need for a cock. It's not always there and I guess
that's what I find confusing.There isn't any other part of the male that I find
attractive. Perhaps because I love having sex with my
own cock so I'm drawn by the thought of having sex
with others?Hmmmmm.
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